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Ever since I was a kid, growing up in Munster, people have called me "Tulo". This nickname has now inspired me to develop an easy-to-remember plan of action that will form the basis of my work as member of the Munster Town Council.

TULO stands for...

Transparency: Open, honest communication with residents. We have to do a better job of informing our town -- people need to know what's going on. As an executive coach, it is my job to listen deeply, ask important questions, and speak the truth.

Unity: A council member must represent all neighborhoods, residents and viewpoints equally. We are all part of Munster, and we need to be willing to work together to make the town work better for everyone.

Leadership: We must turn around our financial situation from a $1.8M deficit to a position of strength. For years, I have helped multinational companies emerge stronger from financial crises. With the massive changes headed our way, it is time to get Munster "fit for growth."

Optimism: We make Munster better by building on the strengths of the existing foundation of our amazing community. Growing up in Munster taught me that the future is bright for those who dream big and work hard. I am now dreaming big and ready to work for hard for the future of Munster, our residents, and (especially) our children and grandchildren.


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