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  • Steve Tulowitzki is running for Town Council with a vision to serve Munster with Transparency, Unity, Leadership, and Optimism. Learn more about the TULO plan.

  • Steve brings over two decades’ experience solving financial & strategic issues for global companies and will apply those skills to lead us through the upcoming $1.8M budget shortfall toward a strong financial future. Learn more about Steve.

  • A Munster native, Steve now lives in Munster's fourth ward with his wife, Celine, and two daughters, Zoë and Lana, where they attend Elliott Elementary.


Why I'm Running for Munster Town Council

 I was born and raised in Munster. When my wife, Celine, and I were asking ourselves where we wanted to raise our family, the choice was an easy one. In 2013, we packed up and moved from Europe back to my hometown.

I am grateful that Munster is still a great place to live and raise children. Since moving back to Munster, I've been paying increasingly more attention to politics.  I see major changes happening all around us, and without the right strategic leadership, we will miss the potential opportunities that come with them. I feel it is imperative to have people in office who are focused on both our immediate needs and the long-term future of our town in order to make the most of the changes coming our way.

In addition, we've got some real challenges ahead of us that require immediate attention and skillful intervention. We are facing a $1.8 M financial shortfall in 2020. Due to the expiration of property tax exemptions that we’ve benefitted from since 2008, the town will bring in significantly less funds this coming year. We need to make important decisions to ensure Munster leads the way into the future as the world changes, instead of getting left behind. And we need to do this in open dialogue with our residents; communicating transparently and listening to all voices in our town.

They say that if you don't like what you see, you should get involved. That’s why I have decided to run for Town Council to apply the skills and talents I've built over my 20 year career in engineering, management consulting, and executive coaching to serve our town. I have benefited greatly from the education and prosperous childhood that Munster provided me. Now I'm ready to give back to ensure the future generations of Munster, my children and yours, enjoy the same great start, and may even decide to make it their future family’s home too.

I hope you will be excited to join me in this quest to preserve what is great about Munster and help set us up for an even better future. If you would like to get involved, let us know here, or contact

Let's make Munster all it can be. I’ll see you at the polls on November 5th!


Steve Tulowitzki

Candidate for Munster Town Council

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